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Understanding Intellectual Property Rights in India: Essential Tips and Best Practices for Investors



In the era of knowledge and information technology, intellectual capital has gained significant importance. When a company aims to expand into India, protecting and managing its intellectual property rights (IPR) is a crucial initial step. This is done as part of a strategy to increase the value of the company’s assets. Having unique intellectual property can give businesses a competitive edge and serve as a vital component of their marketing strategy. Consequently, Intellectual Property (IP) and its associated rights have become highly valuable assets that require careful protection.

With a significant number of foreign businesses expanding into India, it is essential for businesses to understand and evaluate the extent of protection offered to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in under different Indian laws. This understanding allows businesses to enjoy exclusive right over their inventions, ideas, designs, symbols, names, images, literary and artistic works, and more.

In this webinar, CS Rachana Maurya, Associate - Business Advisory Services, shares insights about the Intellectual Property regime in India. She covers the extent of protection offered to businesses in India and those planning to establish a presence here. Watch this informative session to gain an understanding of the various categories of IP, the laws governing such IP, and remedies available against infringements of Intellectual Property Rights.

Rachana sheds light on the following:

  • Overview of Intellectual Property Rights in India
  • Categories of Intellectual Property
  • Laws Governing Intellectual Property Rights
  • Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights and Their Remedies
  • Key Business Concerns in Commercializing Intellectual Property Rights


If you would like to get in touch with the speaker, or have any questions regarding this event, please contact Umair Ul Haque, International Business Advisory, India at umair.haque@dezshira.com

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