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Understanding China's Trademark System: How FIEs can Safeguard Their Brands




As China continues its steady recovery and reopens its borders, foreign companies are increasingly interested in expanding or re-investing into this vast and rapidly growing market.

However, trademark infringement remains a significant challenge, especially under China's first-to-file trademark regime. In today's internationalized market, protecting trademarks has become an essential component of FIE's China business strategy.

To help businesses navigate China's complex trademark regime, our webinar,  featureing Monica Li, Business Advisory Services Manager, discusses: 

  1. Benefits of registering a trademark in China
  2. Overview of the trademark registration process
  3. How can foreign individuals or entities enforce their trademark rights in China?
  4. Costs associated with trademark registration and enforcement
  5. Special notice for foreign individuals or entities when registering a trademark in China

If you are planning to expand your business into China or are currently operating in the Chinese market, this webinar will provide valuable insights into trademark protection. If you have any questions or concerns, please use our contact forms to reach out to the speakers. 

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