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Transfer Pricing Issues for Foreign Companies in Vietnam – A Practical Overview



The Vietnamese tax authorities have significantly increased their focus on transfer pricing issues in tax audits and inspections in the last few years. In this respect, the tax authorities have made it clear that they would concentrate on transfer pricing scrutiny during tax audits and inspection sessions across the country, instead of just a few noteworthy cases.

While assisting our clients during tax audit and inspection sessions, we have observed common issues where transfer pricing documentation was rejected and significant tax adjustments were enforced by the tax authorities, despite the facts that such transfer pricing dossiers cost a lot of money to prepare or the taxpayers did not meet the statutory threshold for mandatory transfer pricing documentation compliance. In practice, taxpayers often underrate the importance of transfer pricing compliance until they are scrutinized by the tax authorities.

In our webinar, our expert Thang Vu, Manager of Tax, and consultant Patricia Aranguren Moliner will explain the most common issues, cases, and solutions for businesses to understand and apply to be compliant and fulfil the obligations under the Vietnamese transfer pricing framework.

The following key points will be covered:

  • Overview of transfer pricing compliance in Vietnam.
  • Common transfer pricing-related challenges during tax audits and tax inspections.
  • Practical case studies from our experiences in dealing with the tax authorities.
  • How to enhance transfer pricing compliance and mitigate exposure in future tax audits.

The Webinar is FREE of admission. For more information or feedback, please contact Julia Goeb, Regional Marketing Lead, Vietnam & Singapore.

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