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Transfer Pricing Essentials for Vietnam Operating Firms



For foreign multinational companies operating in Vietnam and engaged in transactions with related parties, it is imperative to understand and comply with key transfer pricing requirements and proactively prepare supporting documents that are consistent with the pricing decisions in their cross-border transactions.

Implementing a sound transfer pricing strategy not only can mitigate tax risks in Vietnam but can also efficiently shape a multi-country business model, which enables a fair allocation of costs and revenues within different group entities and inherently allocates more resources to entities generating the most value, i.e., the most profit.

Filippo Bortoletti, Country Director and International Business Advisory Expert introduced key compliance requirements for transfer pricing in Vietnam and common solutions adopted by foreign multinational companies when implementing transfer pricing strategies in Vietnam.

Filippo’s presentation includes:

  • Introduction and key transfer pricing requirement
  • Examples of how to implement a sound transfer pricing strategy in Vietnam
  • Q&A

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