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How to Sell to the Post-Covid19 Consumer Market in China



On June 2nd, Maria Kotova, Head of UK & Ireland Desk, presented a webinar “How to Sell to Post-Covid-19 Consumer Market in China”.

The coronavirus pandemic in China has abruptly changed people’s buying habits, preferences, and mindsets. The world’s largest consumer market will inevitably respond with increased demand for companies to invest into the digital economy. Foreign businesses have moved quickly to adapt their business models by dramatically scaling up their digital footprint in the market. The Chinese government has also set up 46 new cross-border e-commerce pilot zones to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and provide several benefits and tax cuts to eligible businesses operating there. Tune in for an engaging discussion on: 

  • China’s consumer market overview – We answer questions such as what are the current trends in the post-Covid-19 Chinese consumer market? We provide an introduction to the development of e-commerce and digital dominance in retail as well as an overview of the core regulatory areas to watch for under the new trading flows.
  • What are the key legal and financial considerations for UK businesses selling to consumer market in China? We examine best practices and tips for selling on-line to China from overseas markets and selling on-line in China while staying compliant and minimizing risks. 

The webinar was organized by Dezan Shira and Associates in collaboration with our close partners the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC).

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