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Ready for 2022: Health Checks for a Compliant, Risk-Controlled, and Efficient Business



What is a “health check” and does your business need one? 

Running a compliant and risk-free business operation in China can be challenging, with businesses currently facing a variety of situations ranging from travel restrictions due to Covid-19, to internal plans to expand or dissolve the business.   

A common method to assess the “health” of a business is to perform the audits and checks required by PRC law, however, additional “health checks” can be used to further protect your business.  These internal or external “health checks” can help firms identify and prevent possible non-compliant operations and risks.  

In this webinar, Viktor Rojkov, International Business Advisory Senior Associate, discusses the current business environment in China in terms of compliance and risks, and highlight common situations in which companies should perform a “health check.” 

Key Topics: 

  • Common business/operation points to be aware of while doing business in China 
  • Current business environment in China and examples of compliance and risk concerns 
  • Mandatory audits vs. preventive business health checks 
  • When to consider a Health Check – looking at internal and external business operations  

Should you have any further questions about how to conduct a health check or other business related queries, please feel free to contact us

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