Re-positioning Your Business for Manufacturing in Asia


  • Title: Re-positioning Your Business for Manufacturing in Asia
  • Date: October 21st, 2019


The start of the US-China trade conflict in March 2018 has led to increased global attention on manufacturing throughout Asia. While companies are moving operations away from China to avoid trade tariffs, the truth of the matter is that costs in the Middle Kingdom have been rising fast for the past decade, and many countries across Asia have attracted large quantities of investment from international businesses in this time.

Our Business Intelligence Manager, Maxfield Brown, was joined by our Assistant Manager in Vietnam, Rebecca An, to compare each country’s costs, labor conditions, infrastructure, and business environment. They benchmarked Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, along with China and India, to showcase each country’s strength and weaknesses in the manufacturing sector.

In the webinar, they cover: 

  • Reasons for moving manufacturing plants to emerging Asia;
  • Country benchmarking in the manufacturing sector; and,
  • DSA’s methodology for choosing the right location in emerging Asia.


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