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Preparing for China's Audit Season: New Regulations for 2021 (CN)




As the year comes to an end, companies and their finance teams will be busy closing their accounts and preparing for their annual audit. For small and medium size companies (SMEs) with limited manpower, this will be an especially busy time of the year.

New regulations brought on by the government’s response to Covid-19 make this an even more challenging task, and companies (non-listed) will also need to prepare for new accounting standards regarding revenue, leases, and financial instruments next year.

In this webinar Audit Senior Manager, Daisy Huang, introduces the new regulations affecting audits released this year, explaining their impacts for SMEs and the tax benefits they offer.

Daisy also gave a brief introduction to the new accounting standards that will take effect next year and how they will affect year-end closing, and next year budgeting and accounting work. Real cases were shared to better illustrate common issues faced by SMEs and how they can be identified, evaluated and addressed in an efficient manner.

Key Topics:

  • Review of 2020 financial and tax policy
  • Overview of new accounting standards and their impact on SME and year-end closing
  • Common mistakes and outstanding matters in year-end closing
  • How to build up an efficient year-end closing work plan



协力管理咨询(深圳)有限公司高级审计经理黄茵女士(Daisy Huang)将在这次网络研讨会中详述2020年颁布的新法规,以及它们对中小企业的影响和带来的税收优惠。这次讨论会还将简要介绍新会计准则,并分析它将如何影响年终结账和明年的年度预算、会计工作。为更好的说明年终结结账需查明,评估和清理的常见问题,以及企业如何有效进行财年结账工作,黄茵女士还将分享实际的案例。


  • 2020年财政和税收政策介绍
  • 新会计准则概述及其对中小企业年终结账的影响
  • 年终结账时的常见错误和未决的事项
  • 建立有效的年终结账工作计划

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