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Legal Risks and Crisis Management Strategy During the Coronavirus Outbreak



The outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Hubei province has affected China’s economy and foreign businesses’ supply chains globally due to their operations in mainland China. There are an increasing number of the countries reporting coronavirus cases and managing your operations during this period will remain challenging.

Foreign invested enterprises should be informed on how to manage risk and the potential legal exposure.  What are the types of legal risks that you should consider? Which enterprises may have a higher risk of exposure?

In fact, there are strategies for the risk management which can avoid critical misunderstandings with clients; pre-empt friction with staff and finally maintain clients while minimizing a loss.

In this webinar, Vivian Mao, Partner at Dezan Shira's Shanghai Office, along with the China-Britain Business Council, will discuss the strategies that foreign companies can adopt to minimize and pre-empt legal risks and provide insights into how to manage your business during this crisis. 


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