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Key Points To Learn Before Leasing Space For Your Business In China (CN)



A lease agreement, to some extent, is a “must-have” agreement for all companies. A company should at least rent a space, basically for the purpose of having it registered as its official address. The lease agreement will therefore “live” with the company until the company relocates to another place or till it is deregistered. Thus, whether the lease agreement is concluded properly or not will have significant impact on a company’s operations for the entire company lifecycle.

In this webinar, our Business Advisory Services Manager Ms. Donfil Huang from Dezan Shira & Associates’ Guangzhou Office explained the major aspects companies should pay attention to when signing a lease agreement in China, and how they can mitigate risks.


在这次网络研讨会中,协力管理咨询(深圳)有限公司广州办公室的商业咨询服务经理Donfil Huang讲解了企业在中国签订租赁协议时应注意的要点,并就如何减少和规避风险进行探讨。

Key topics:


  1. Key points of reviewing a lease agreement | 审阅租赁合同的要点 
  2. Importance of the lease agreement | 租赁合同的重要性
    • Key points regarding chief information | 关于首要信息 
    • Key points regarding rentals and other fees | 关于租金杂费 
    • Key points regarding conditions of the premises | 关于租赁场地的环境条件 
    • Key points regarding term of lease | 关于租期 
    • Key points regarding deposits | 关于押金 
  3. Skills of negotiation | 谈判技巧

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