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Investing and Doing Business in China 2023: Reopening and Rebound



In this webinar: 

  • Establishing and running a business in China: Key points to note in 2023
  • Managing tax, audit, and accounting for your China Business
  • Human resources and payroll
  • Special advise:
    • China's Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) and compliance
    • Incentives and challenges of doing business in China 

2022 is coming to an end with a silver lining for enterprises in China and interested investors as the government proposed a number of measures to ease the zero-COVID policy and to revitalize the economy.

Economists expect China will fully reopen in the second half of 2023, pushing GDP growth to around 5% from 3% in 2022. Industries in line with Beijing’s policy priorities, such as healthcare sector, green sectors, consumer market, and sectors related to industrial automation, are expected to be the biggest beneficiaries.

Under these circumstances, it is vital that foreign investors are familiar with the changes in China’s business landscape – to identify areas of risk in advance and take steps to prepare for new market opportunities.

With the new publication of our latest An Introduction to Doing Business in China 2023 guide, our China investment experts Guilherme Campos, International Business Advisory Manager covering the GBA area and Simon Laube, Senior Associate from our East China International Business Advisory team, will provide guidance on the critical aspects for foreign investors to consider for their business development and expansion in the upcoming webinar. The following topics will be discussed:

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