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Import and Export in India: Procedures, Policies and Opportunities for Foreign Investors



Corporate Accounting Services Senior Associate Divyansh Srivastava provides an overview of the import and export procedures in india.

 India’s merchandise exports had recently surpassed the government’s target of US$400 billion, with an unprecedented growth of US$417.81 billion during FY 2021-22. India's exports from April-July this year also surged by 20.13% to $157.44 billion. Imports on the other hand increased by 48.12% to $256.43 billion.

Importing and exporting is the easiest way a foreign company can get into an international business, since it requires almost no investment in setting up a production unit in that country.

However, businesses planning to start importing or exporting in India, must understand its diverse and complex trading environment, the various stages and stakeholders involved in the process, and the documentation required in the country.

Join Divyansh in this webinar where he presents a detailed synopsis of India’s import export environment and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction

  • India’s Import Export Environment

  • Import and Export Documentation and Procedures

  • Import Custom Clearance Procedure & types of Duties

  • Key drivers of India’s export and import growth

  • Measures being taken by India for promotion of exports

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