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The Impact of E-fapiaos on Companies’ Internal Processes (CN中文)


Over the last few months, China has been quickly expanding the pilot program for electronic special value-added (VAT) fapiaos, and E-fapiao management has become a core challenge for many companies regarding their internal processes and compliance management.


For financial experts and senior management teams, it is important to learn how to effectively use modern information technology to help their companies develop and achieve their corporate goals. How should companies establish and manage internal processes and optimize them, and is there any best practices for reference?


In this webinar, Sam Jiang, Manager of Corporate Accounting Services will discuss the above questions and introduce several ways businesses can optimize their expense reimbursement and vendor payment processes with E-fapiaos. 

 本期讲座中,会计服务部经理 Sam Jiang 将会和大家探讨并介绍一些企业使用电子发票后对费用报销及对公支付等工作流程的优化方法。

In this session, you will learn 在这场活动中,你将了解到:

  • The E-Fapiao introduction 电子发票概述
  • How to optimize the process of expense reimbursement with E-fapiao 电子发票对员工报销流程的影响和优化
  • How to optimize the process of vendor payment with E-fapiao 电子发票对对公支付流程的影响和优化
  • E-fapiao archiving 电子发票存档管理
  • Case study 案例分享
  • Summary & solution 总结&解决方案

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