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How to Set up a Business in Vietnam – A Practical Guide from Planning to Operation



The incorporation and structure of your investment are critical to the success of your expansion in Vietnam. However, investors may encounter challenges, such as a lengthy and complex bureaucracy process, that can dampen their enthusiasm.

That is why a well-planned legal structure is essential in identifying the appropriate business constraints, costs, requirements, and risks, necessary to enable the company's future targeted capabilities, developments, and growth. However, our experience has shown that these considerations may not always be clear to new investors, even those who have a business presence in other ASEAN regions.

Our webinar, hosted by Filippo Bortoletti, Country Director of Vietnam and International Business Advisor, and Thao Pham, Business Advisory Service Associate, provides streamlined ready-to-apply guidance on the most critical factors for company establishment that investors should consider:

  • Overview of relevant regulations on company establishment in Vietnam.
  • Market access conditions – Examples and conditions for different sectors
  • Choosing the right corporate structure – LLC, JSC or Representative Office?
  • Administrative procedures to establish foreign-invested companies.
  • Applied examples from practice.


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