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How to Prepare Your China Annual Individual Income Tax Reconciliation (ATR) for 2022




For those in China, it’s time to file your annual individual income tax reconciliation (ATR) for 2022.

Although a process that needs to be completed every year, many companies and individuals still miscalculate and misunderstand the necessary timeline and requirements for ATR filing. Without proper guidance, filing can be time-consuming and under the strict review of tax authorities, tax applications can be susceptible to being flagged for noncompliance. Since there are more efficient tax filing methods and different punishments for noncompliance since the implementation of the tax reform four years ago, it’s vital for companies and individuals to understand the requirements of ATR filing clearly and prepare in advance.

In this webinar, we help attendees understand the ins and outs of the ATR and whether they meet the requirements to file in 2023 based on current regulations. Several case studies will also be reviewed to give some real-life examples.

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