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How to Manage Costs by Optimizing Your Supply Contracts and Workforce



“How can we control rapidly increasing costs of doing business?” is one of the most frequently asked question by organizations in recent months.

In a world as volatile, uncertain, and complex as ours, risk translates directly into costs. Given the recent surge in labor and material costs, it is most critical to share the risks of such cost increases with stakeholders. This will improve business resilience and allow businesses to focus resources on core competencies. However, to achieve such goals, companies must adhere to key components of cost management.

In this webinar, Vivian Mao, Partner and lawyer at Dezan Shira & Associates, and Simon Laube, Senior Associate with the International Business Advisory team, will introduce cost control solutions from a legal and business perspective, concerning supplier contracts and workforce structure.


  • Recent economic developments
  • Supply contract renegotiation
  • Sustainable workforce structure
  • Summary and take-aways

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