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Hong Kong SAR vs. Singapore: What's Next for Foreign Investors in Asia




It is difficult for foreign investors to choose a clear winner between Hong Kong SAR and Singapore as the base for their Asia business: both territories are highly attractive for businesses in Asia due to their superior infrastructure, location, and business-friendly political and taxation systems. Hong Kong and Singapore’s many similarities have made them long-time rivals battling for the title of Asia’s leading financial center. 

The decision to choose a best destination must be considered not only by looking at each region’s strengths and weaknesses, but also at the unique requirements of one’s business in terms of industry and strategy.

What are some the advantages or challenges that investors should consider when they intend to establish their businesses in either Singapore or Hong Kong? The pandemic and regional unrest have led many businesses to reassess the best location for their Asia strategy - what are the possible solutions? 

In this webinar, our International Business Advisory Managers David Stepat and Guilherme Campos look at the differences and similarities of the two leading business hubs, analyze the respective benefits for different industries and business models, and explain viable alternatives to existing presence including relocation, setting to dormant, etc. 


Key topics: 

  • Hong Kong vs. Singapore - Which location is better for your business? 

  • Advantages of a Hong Kong holding for your China Business 

  • Corporate formation, dormancy, and winding up for a company in Hong Kong and Singapore

  • Ease of investment in Hong Kong vs. Singapore

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