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Get Ready For 2022: Year End Annual Audit, Budget Planning and Tax Compliance in Vietnam



The end of the year is already in sight. An early start, a clear understanding of applicable requirements, and meticulous preparation are the keys to finishing the year successfully and in full compliance for firms operating in Vietnam.

There are a number of legally mandated compliance requirements on audit, accounting and tax liabilities with which foreign invested entities (FIEs) in Vietnam must comply, and failure of which will jeopardize the ability of the FIE to continue its operation in the country. Investors should therefore be sure to familiarize themselves with these requirements to produce an error-free financial statement and be prepared for inspections.

Our tax and accounting specialists Thang Vu, Associate Manager (Tax) and Vy Nguyen, Senior Accounting Associate, provide an overview of key planning and compliance considerations so that you can have an overall understanding and get ready to successfully conclude the financial year.

  • Reviewing financial data and assessing cash flow situation for budget planning purposes
  • Preparing financial statements for auditing and tax finalization at year-end
  • Overview of tax audit and tax inspection from the year beginning to the end of September 2022.
  • Assessing common tax-risky areas and key considerations for tax compliance at year-end
  • Recent updates from tax consulting fields and practical cases

If you’d like to receive further support for your financial year end, please reach out here for Audit and Financial Review or here for Tax Advisory.

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