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Doing Business in China: Frequently Asked Questions



Our International Business Advisor, Viktor Rojkov, answers frequently asked questions regarding starting or running a business in China.

In this webinar, Viktor hosts a 45 min Q&A discussion, answering questions from the audience to give advice on overcoming the business challenges they face and will also tie in interesting related client cases where applicable.  

Key topics discussed: 

  • Important considerations for entering the China market - Business scope, IP protection, other considerations in China

  • Spotlight: Food and beverage industry in China - Export and import: GAC Decree No. 249

  • Cross-border litigation in China

  • Current challenges of doing business in China 

  • Business travel requirements to China 

  • Live Q&A for doing business in China


About Viktor Rojkov 

Viktor is Assistant Manager on Dezan Shira’s International Business Advisory team in Shanghai, where he assists foreign-invested companies from Europe, North and South America, and Asia with their investments in China. With over a decade of experience living and working in China his areas of expertise include entity set up and market entry strategy (business environment and cultural factors), with specialization in the trade, manufacturing, human resources, and high-tech industries. 

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