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Diversify your Business to India: Opportunities and Channels of Entry




India has become a critical market, with many US companies expanding or relocating operations and supply chains there. One prime example of this is the sheer size of US-India trade, in 2021 US-India trade reached a record $157 billion USD, with the US surpassing China to become India’s top trading partner. India, meanwhile, is the US’s 10th largest trading partner so far this year.

India has also signed onto three out of four of the US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework pillars which intend to advance growth, fairness, and competitiveness through collaboration.

A country as diverse as the 1.4 billion population it sustains, India can be both a rewarding and challenging country to take on as a foreign company. Join us as Rohit Kapur, Dezan Shira & Associates’ Country Manager of India discusses opportunities for US businesses in India, direct investment policies, trade channels, and market entry routes in this informative webinar designed to support businesses diversifying or expanding to India.


Topics to be covered:

• Doing Business with Indians
• Channels of Trade and the ‘How’ of Exporting to India
• Manufacturing in India
• Incentive Schemes and Opportunities
• Market Entry Routes

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