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Decoding China’s 2023 Two Sessions: Takeaways for Businesses

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The Two Sessions, or Lianghui (两会), are annual behind-closed-door meetings of China’s major political bodies. They often reveal goals and the policy direction the Chinese government will pursue in the next year, which makes them a highly watched event among foreign businesses and governments.

The 2023 gatherings ran this year from March 4th to the 13th. As the first year post-Covid and with China in recovery mode, we were expecting answers to key questions such as:

  • What GDP growth target will they set?
  • Will they substantively address foreign business concerns?
  • How will 2023’s legislative plan impact compliance and operation for businesses?
  • Additionally, with new appointments for top positions within the government and a restructuring plan underway, this year’s Two Sessions will likely signal the government’s tone and intention beyond 2023. 

In this webinar, Partner Kyle Freeman, recaps the 2023 Two Sessions and analyzes the main takeaways for businesses.

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