Coronavirus Outbreak: Navigating China HR and Operational Questions



  • Title: Coronavirus Outbreak: Navigating China HR and Operational Questions
  • Date: March 20th, 2020

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Hubei province has affected China’s economy and the operations of businesses across the country.  During this challenging time, the ability of companies to make informed decisions about their operations and HR is critical.  As the outbreak impacts employee productivity, supply chains, and enterprises’ ability to fulfill their contractual obligations, many are left with questions about how they can manage their Asia business and successfully navigate the impacts of the coronavirus.

In this webinar Riccardo and Allan discuss how businesses can deal with these impacts. 

  • Overview of key impacts of the coronavirus on businesses
    • Economic impacts, HR, operations, etc.
  • Managing your commercial operations during the outbreak
    • Government support programs
    • Contract changes due to the virus
  • Managing your HR during the outbreak
    • Staff working policies (remote work, alternative working arrangements, etc.)
    • Compliance issues for alternative working arrangements, including remote work, flexible hours, relocation, suspension of operations, etc.


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