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China's Greater Bay Area: Accessing Latest Business Subsidies in 2022




The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) has been facing a complex and changing internal and external environment in 2022. However, the GBA still enjoys the advantage of being at the intersection of the domestic-international dual circulation in South China, with a Well-established industrial system, strong innovation capability and an open and friendly business climate.  

Moreover, both national and local governments have introduced new support and preferential policies to reduce the burden on enterprises and provide more opportunities for the entry of foreign investment in some industries. According to a recent statement by a government official, China will ramp up efforts to build the GBA into a world-class bay area and forge an exemplary model of high-quality development and will fully support the participation of Hong Kong and Macao in the GBA construction, creating broader development space and brighter outlook for foreign investment entities. 

In this webinar, International Business Advisory Manger of GBA - Guilherme Campos, Senior Manager of Corporate Accounting Services in Guangzhou - Daisy Huang, and Assistant Manager of Corporate Accounting Services in Shenzhen - Lynn Shen, walk you through the new changes that have taken place in the GBA, and provide guidance on the latest introduced subsidies and preferential policies for businesses in different GBA cities, to help you gauge your current business planning and catch up with any missed opportunities. 

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