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China’s FY2021 Annual Audit: What’s New and How to Prepare?




As the year comes to an end, companies and their finance teams will be busy closing their accounts and preparing for their annual audit. For small and medium size companies (SMEs) with limited manpower, this will be an especially busy time of the year.

New regulations brought on by the government’s response to Covid-19 make this an even more challenging task, and companies (non-listed) will also need to take into account the new accounting standards regarding revenue, leases, and financial instruments which had become effective starting from January this year.

In this webinar, Jess Feng, Audit Manager will introduce the general auditing process and what you need to do to prepare for your upcoming financial audit.

Key Topics:

  • Typical financial audit process and what you need to do to prepare for it
  • 2021 newly effective accounting standards – what you need to prepare and pay attention to
  • Covid-19 related issues – questions your auditor may ask you

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