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A Year of Reconnecting: Why Australian Companies Are Eyeing a Re-Visit to China



  • Ines Liu

    Senior Manager, International Business Advisory


After a long diplomatic freeze, Australia-China relations have substantially warmed in the past year with the second half of 2022 seeing bilateral meetings between Australian and Chinese defense ministers, foreign ministers, and most importantly, the leaders of both countries.  What can Australia investors look forward to in 2023 and what should they be cautious about?

Australian lobsters could be back on China’s banquet tables, and both Canberra and Beijing are talking up prospects that tariffs on Australia’s barley and wine exports to China might be addressed through bilateral trade discussions. China’s determination on promises to reboot the economy and end the diplomatic deep freeze with Canberra is reviving hope for a flurry of corporate activity in 2023.   

That said, companies looking at the China market need to be more cautious as political and market risk have dramatically changed in the past three years. To navigate the new paradigm and to fortify Australia and China business ties and help Australian businesses better seize key opportunities, our group head of Australia desk and International Business Advisor Ines Liu provids insights on what companies need to understand and what risks to mitigate in terms of doing business in China in this uncertain time.

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