Trade War Incentives in ASEAN

March 2020

In this webinar, Dustin Daugherty introduced the various incentive schemes and improvements in investment environments ASEAN countries have implemented to capitalize on shifting supply chains and rising costs. He then provided a side-by-side comparis...


Garantire l’efficienza del business in Cina durante l’epidemia da coronavirus.

February 2020

A circa un mese dall’inizio della crisi gli effetti generati dall’epidemia stanno mostrando ripercussioni sulla gestione delle societa` cinesi. Valeria Manunza, dall’ufficio Dezan Shira & Associates’ di Milano, intervista e discute con Riccar...


What are the minimum wages in ASEAN?

January 2020

Minimum wages in ASEAN - Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar (Burma), Laos.


Relocating Your Business from China to ASEAN

December 2019

ASEAN countries have become an alluring destination for Chinese-based businesses looking to benefit from the cost-savings of relocating all or part of their production facilities to Southeast Asia amid the brewing US-China trade war. In this issue of...


Riforma Del Diritto Doganale in Thailandia

September 2019

In risposta alle recenti tendenze dell’economia mondiale e in linea con quanto richiesto dalle best practices internazionali, la riforma del diritto doganale intrapresa dalla Thailandia nel Maggio 2017 si pone l’obiettivo di modernizzarne il sist...


Thailand’s Customs Act: A Relief for Importers and Exporters

May 2019

In May 2017, the government of Thailand published a new Customs Act B.E. 2560 (2017) in the country’s National Gazette, repealing the outdated and controversial Customs Act B.E. 2469 (1926). The new Act, which come into force from November 13, 2017...


Investment Promotion Act, 1977 - Thailand

April 2019

Law to promote and govern investment in Thailand


Labor Protection Act, 1998 - Thailand

April 2019

Law governing the protection of laborers in Thailand,


Verwaltung von Verträgen und Kündigungen in den ASEAN-Staaten

January 2019

In dieser Ausgabe des ASEAN-Briefing Magazins diskutieren wir die Verwaltung von Arbeitsverträgen sowie Kündigungen in den fünf wirtschaftsstärksten ASEAN-Staaten. Zu Beginn beschreiben wir die zentralen Merkmale von Arbeitsverträgen und Sozialv...


Transfer Pricing in Thailand

December 2018

The current law in Thailand requires taxpayers to be able to justify on any Thai Revenue Department review that both domestic and international related party transactions have been carried out at ‘market price’. Currently, Thailand&rsquo...