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What does the Consumer Rights Protection Law of March 2014 entail?


The new Consumer Rights Protection Law provides more protection for consumers. Previously, consumers had the burden of proof to show the defects of the products or services purchased. The new law shifts the burden of proof from the consumer to the seller for six months after the products or services are provided, this privilege expires after six months. It also confirms the right of rescission for consumers on products purchased via internet, television, phone or mail, which means the customers have the right to return most products without any specific reasons within 7 days of receiving them. Additionally, the new law adds heavier obligations for online transaction platform providers. They will be held liable in a dispute if they cannot provide the real name, address and effective contact information of a seller to consumers of online purchases. It also increases the punitive damages for conducting fraudulent acts in a transaction at three times the original price. The new law came info effect on March 15, 2014.

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