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What are the different types of distribution which wholly foreign owned enterprises (WFOE) can carry out in China?


The different types of distribution which can be carried out by WFOEs in China are as follows: 

  • Retailing: i.e., selling goods from fixed venues or via television, telephone, mail order, internet, or vending machines, and related services. 
  • Wholesaling: i.e., selling goods to retailers and industrial, commercial or other customers and other wholesalers, and related services.
  • Franchising: i.e., authorizing the use of trademarks, trade names and operation models for remuneration or franchise fees on a contractual basis.
  • Commission agency activities: i.e., acting as a sales agent, broker or auctioneer for goods, or as a wholesaler charging fees and conducting sales for others’ goods and related services on a contractual basis.


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