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HR Audit and Compliance in China: Risks During Hiring and Recruitment



Hear from our very own HR expert, Cherry Wu, Manager of Dezan Shira's HR & Payroll Services team. Cherry will give a keynote speech on staying up-to-date with HR trends, with excellent case studies from top foreign-invested companies. 

Part 1: HR Audit & Compliance 

Like a finance audit, an HR audit is an independent and objective evaluation of the current state of an organization's HR policies, practices, documentation, and systems. An HR audit can alert a company about hidden HR-related problems and errors, as well as possible compliance issues against the backdrop of China's ever-evolving rules and regulations. This can allow an organization to establish best practices, thereby protecting it against possible operational and legal risk.

In this session, we discuss:

  1. Why is an HR compliance audit necessary? (case study included)
  2. Who does the HR compliance audit? What do we need to audit? (contract, handbook, etc.)
  3. Which laws and regulation do we need to rely on when facing audit issues?
  4. How to deal with audit problems? (in detail)

Part 2: Risks During Hiring and Recruitment 

Many companies take for granted that the recruitment procedure is easy to implement and will have minimum legal risk if the 'right candidate' is matched with the company. However, many common practices during the recruitment process may not be appropriate or compliant with local labor laws.

For example, do you include any discriminatory information in your job advertisments? Do you ask unsuitable questions during the interview process? Is anything sensitive or disputed done during the offer process?

Any inappropriate or ignorant actions during the recruitment procedure will increase risk for the company.

In this session, we will talk about:

  1. What are the possible risks during the recruitment procedure?
  2. How to avoid and prevent such risks

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