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Difference between Manual and Tech Powered Reimbursement Processes


Traditional Reimbursement Process  Employees  Invoice filed  electronic invoice  Payment  Physical submission  Manager Approval  Authenticity of the invoice  Reimbursed  Accounting  staff  Duplicated  PO-invoice-GR match  Manual check   Post to  general  ledger  Accounting  system manual  data entry

Tech-Powered Reimbursement Process  Financial  analysis  Paper-Invoice  Fapiao data  collection  Electronic-Online-submission  Manager  Batch-payment  general ledger  Accounting-system  Automatic-data-entry  Online-approval  Authenticity of the invoice  Reimbursed Invoices  Duplicated Invoices  VAT credits calculation  Data review and correction  verification

Hours Spent on Reimbursement Process Before and After Automation  Employee Reimbursement Applications Manager review  Accounting team check  hours saved Entry into ERP

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