Empower employees with cloud HR and payroll services for Asia - anytime, anywhere

Empower employees with cloud HR and payroll services for Asia - anytime, anywhere

Complete HR and Payroll services, powered by our cloud Apps

Wherever your presence is in Asia, we provide HR administration and payroll services with unparalleled local expertise, full-service cloud platforms, and a range of support models to best suit your business.

We provide leading payroll services and technology throughout Asia.

Advantages of HR and Payroll Services


Pay your people with confidence

Process payroll knowing that your payments are correct, secure, and compliant with local legislations.


Cloud HR & payroll

Our clients gain access to a robust, secure, and customizable Cloud system.
Employees, HR, and line managers can submit, access, and approve requests via one platform over multiple devices, from anywhere in the world. Secure, easy, flexible.


Multi-country facilities

Clients enjoy a single point of contact, plus local support and expertise, to help manage a full range of HR and payroll day-to-day and lifecycle services for multiple branches and across countries. We provide a standardized, easy-to-understand service.


Gain immediate payroll expertise

Eliminate the burden of managing complex international payroll activities and compliance in-house. Our experts ensure consistent and accurate results in countries across Asia.


Transparent, automated processes

Through your single point of contact and cloud platform, you gain visibility of the information and processes that we help you manage. With our platforms, many of your manual processes and filing steps can be digitalized, automated, and streamlined.


Local compliance

As local compliances change, so do our cloud apps. The apps are updated as changes occur at local levels, while our experts ensure consistent and accurate results across the Asian countries that you operate in.

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Why cloud HR and payroll for SME’s?

A considerable part of HR and payroll work today is still largely manual in most companies; wages are calculated in Excel, labor contracts are organized manually, records are stored in Zip files, network folders or local PC hard drives. HR personnel must perform this work under time restrictions that often results in efficiency challenges. Manual processes are expensive, restricting, and error prone. Critically, mistakes in HR work can cascade into irreparable losses for a company.

Without a platform to facilitate staff on-boarding, transfers, relocation, and termination - HR administration is slow and tedious work where it may be difficult to ensure error-free compliance.

Yet, for many SME’s, it may be too expensive to invest in HR & payroll software that is compliant both with their headquarters’ standards and locally in each of the countries that they operate in. Such costs may also not be necessary, because SMEs do not usually require the HR and payroll features that a larger enterprise does. Rather, they tend to seek an App with streamlined features that fits their firm, and substantially improves their organizational and operational compliance, transparency, as well as cost effectiveness.

Therefore, we offer affordable cloud-based HR and Payroll applications together with our HR and payroll services, to enable firms to better and more efficiently manage their Asia HR and improve employee satisfaction.

Our clients experience a professional HR & Payroll service that is efficient and flexible through the capabilities of our cloud-based HR and Payroll application. They gain access to a continually updated app with local compliance upgrades that put HR and payroll information at their fingertips - more transparently and in real time – enabling operational efficiency. Meanwhile, employees gain easier access to clear and simple processes leading to an improved experience.

Our cloud HR and payroll platforms provide our clients with advanced modules, such as:

  • Employee roster management
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee self-service
  • Employee contract management
  • Social security management
  • Complicated salary & tax calculation for payroll
  • Flexible leave management
  • Precise attendance management
  • Payroll reporting
  • Pending tasks and approvals
  • Organization management
  • Shift assignment
  • Recruitment and resume management

The App platforms provided by Dezan Shira & Associates, can also be optionally customize leave modules, overtime management, staff on-boarding or promotions, and many other areas. Such optional customizations can be made to implement corporate regulations and standards, as well as to integrate the platform for use across several branch offices.

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