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UK and Ireland Desk helps businesses grow in Asia through integrated legal, financial, and HR solutions, while keeping them cost efficient and compliant.

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Our UK and Ireland Desk is dedicated to providing support to British and Irish businesses and helping them to successfully expand their operations in Asia.

With more than 26 years of practical experience in Asia, our team assists investors in defining and executing the best strategies for structuring their international investment. We provide on the ground support to sell products and services in Asia and operate major supply chains across the South Asian region.

While monitoring, analyzing, and keeping track of UK and Irish policies for international trade and investments as well as the continued development of closer economic ties between UK, Ireland, and Asia, we provide expert advice to companies on what this means practically.

We can help you understand hidden risks as well as the opportunities when leveraging tax treaties, free trade agreements, regulatory updates, and other applicable incentives offered to British and Irish investors in Asia. Our joint intelligence teams help our clients to anticipate the risks and keep their business ahead of the game in Asia.

Our value-added services go beyond just average customer support. With over 300 lawyers, auditors, tax and HR experts across our Asian offices, our blended service solutions were designed to unify the local expertise of each Asian jurisdiction with understanding of UK and Ireland reporting standards that allow our clients to stay in control and afford transparency to their Asian operations.

We also provide multi-country support, acting as in-house legal counsel and international tax advisor. Our clients liaise with a single point of contact to manage their legal and financial affairs for all the entities they operate in Asia.

Regular Business Updates

Our publishing subsidiary Asia Briefing produces business intelligence articles, reports, and guides, supported by DSA’s expertise in market entry and business operations in China, India, and ASEAN countries.

Asiapedia is our knowledge sharing platform, available on the Dezan Shira and Associates website, for foreign investors. It contains a large library of business intelligence materials produced by Asia Briefing and media resources including presentations, webinars, podcasts, infographics, videos, and reports, which are specifically designed to help investors in Asia.

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Our Services

Our UK and Ireland clients access Asian markets through one or a combination of our services:

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Training for UK and Ireland Businesses

Dezan Shira & Associates provides structured trainings for UK & Irish businesses to ensure the compliance or implementation of best practices within your company or local Asian offices. We help mitigate risk in your local offices by ensuring global compliance policies are effectively localized. Trainings can be designed or customized to fit your company’s needs or target the most relevant employees. Training programs can be hosted onsite at your offices, DSA offices, or online to fit your convenience.

Our Clients

The firm has serviced numerous British and Irish companies in South East Asia region since 1992. Typically, our UK and Irish clients are smaller listed companies, subsidiaries of listed companies, and mid-market privately-owned enterprises. We are well equipped to handle all types of business entities.

Our clients operate in various industries including manufacturing, F&B, retail and wholesale of consumer goods, chemicals, equipment and components, automotive, medical devices, agricultural products, construction, e-commerce, and high- tech.

Our industry specific knowledge allows us to find the most effective solution for your particular sector. We also produce industry guides and though leadership reports introducing core legal and compliance considerations for your industry in Asia. Get more information here.

A vast majority of our clients have found success in the Asian market, particularly during the past decade, expanding further from China across the entire South East Asia region.

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Our desk also produces monthly business updates on the most recent business news and events in Asia that are specifically drafted and preselected to leverage UK and Ireland businesses. If you want to join businesses that stay ahead of the game in Asia, please subscribe here.

Partners of UK and Ireland Desk

We partner with organizations across the world to give us a truly global presence. Discover this region’s key partners below.

Our collection of Asia resources at your fingertips

Asiapedia is a collection of resources based on what we have learned about doing business in Asia. It’s the product of more than 300 team members collaborating across 28 offices in Asia, Europe, and North America.


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