The Rising Opportunities in Healthcare Industry in India​

Webinar | April 12, 2021 | 12:00 PM India Time / 2:30 PM Singapore Time

The healthcare market in India is expected to reach USD 372 billion by 2022. Driven by rising income, better health awareness and access to insurance, the strong demand leads to many attractive opportunities for businesses.

India is the world’s largest producer of generic medicines and contributes over 20% by value to global generics market. The country is touted as the ‘Pharmacy of the World’ for generic medicines.

With the Government of India aiming to increase healthcare spending to 3% of the Gross Domestic Product by 2022, this industry is primed for accelerated growth.

On April 12, 2021, International Business Advisory Assistant Manager Sunny Makhija will share updates about ‘Setting up a presence in India’s healthcare industry’.

Sunny’s presentation will cover the following topics:

  • FDI policy in India’s healthcare sector
  • Various entity options for establishing a presence in India
  • Selecting the best entity option
  • Tax regime – domestic tax laws and international tax treaties
  • Permanent Establishment (PE) considerations for foreign companies
  • Funding options in brief

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