Public Private Partnerships in Vietnam: Challenges and Opportunities

Hanoi, Vietnam | May 2, 2018

Our International Business Advisory Filippo Bortoletti will be presenting at the 8th AJCEAI Colloquium happening at the French Institute in Hanoi on Wednesday, May 2nd.

The 8th AJCEAI Colloquium is a legal conference bringing together field professionals, academics and students. AJCEAI is the Association of Jurists in Economic Cooperation and International Affairs, and brings together all students of the Master 2 Law of Economic Cooperation and International Affairs, co-authorized by the universities of Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon and relocated here in Hanoi.


The topic will be Issues and Prospects of Public Private Partnerships in Vietnam. His presentation "General Overview and Business Outlook of PPPs in Vietnam" will focus on:

  • Business context of PPPs
  • Historical overview
  • Regulations and main changes since 1992
  • Key challenges for a PPP implementation
  • Key aspects of PPPs

For any questions regarding PPPs in Vietnam you can contact Filippo Bortoletti with the below form.

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