Smart Seminar Series 2023: Digitisation – A Foundation for Successful Market Entry

Seminar | Thursday, February 23, 2023 | 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM | Singapore

David Stepat, Singapore-based International Business Advisory Senior Manager, will be taking part in SME Centre @ SMCCI's Smart Seminar 2023: Go Global to deliver a workshop on digitalisation in Singapore. 

The SMART Seminar Series is the centre's signature event and serves to empower SMEs and enable them to understand, get ready and act on their regionalisation plans. With a positive outlook in global emerging markets, do you know that three in five Singapore SMEs are exploring ways to expand their businesses beyond borders? Going global helps businesses remain relevant and abreast of a competitive and evolving landscape. 

As company’s internationalize, managers and executives are curious about the potential of Digitalization and how it can help improve their firm’s competitive positioning. After attending this workshop, participants will understand that the realization of these ideas can be done in any company!

The global pandemic brought major disruptions for businesses and prompted many to look towards technology to keep their operations running smoothly. To succeed in an increasingly digital era, it is vital that companies revisit existing processes and digitalize core aspects.

The workshop will give an overview of  the basic understanding and requirements of the digitization process for successful internationalization. Participants will also learn about best practices and potential pitfalls, as well as get an introduction to the tools to create an action plan in your company and identify key performance indicators. Furthermore the workshop will advise on use of technology to increase productivity and equip participants with the knowledge to create their own digitized processes, improve their customer engagement and reduce the threat of digital disruption.

The workshop will be capped off by real life case studies of successful implementation across several industries that has led to automated processes, data capturing, improved customer service and compliance and creation of new products.

Key Topics

  • Overview of Pros and Cons of Digital Market entry 
  • Navigating digital resources and potential risks in new markets
  • Case Studies


Registration Details

This seminar is hosted by the SME Centre @SMCCI. General admission tickets $15

For more information and registration, please click below.


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