Risk Mitigation through Supply Chain Diversification in Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh

Live Webinar | February 13th, 2019 | 9am PST

Dezan Shira & Associates’ Dustin Daugherty, Head of North American Business Development, will be presenting Risk Mitigation through Supply Chain Diversification in Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh at 9am PST on February 13th, 2019, in a live webinar co-hosted with Shaf Huq, Head of Business Development, North America, from A. Wahab & Co., providing an instructive look at how US businesses can leverage improving investment environments in Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh to keep costs low.

For the past several years, rising wages and lowering tax incentives in the Middle Kingdom have proven to be a boon for other emerging Asian economies. Burgeoning garment and IT industries in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Bangladesh have shown they are attractive alternatives for manufacturers and traders seeking to keep a low bottom line. These destinations have become important for businesses that hope to diversify to manage risk, along with those who want to avoid rising trade barriers, such as with the implementation of recent tariffs.

Investors will increasingly pay attention to the South Asian region as the costs of doing business in some of the more traditional destinations of foreign direct investment (FDI) continues to increase and the economic and infrastructure situations in emerging economies such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Bangladesh continue to improve. With the growing opportunities in South Asia, investors should consider how these countries could factor into their overall business strategy.

During the presentation, Dustin Daugherty will use his on-the-ground experience in Vietnam and expertise in South Asia to help US businesses understand reasons to diversify or re-locate operations as well as the advantages of the investment landscape in Vietnam and Indonesia. Shaf Huq will use his specialty in the Bangladesh investment market to introduce Bangladesh as another attractive alternative destination for investment. They will highlight the garment and IT industries in these countries from a manufacturer’s perspective.

Key talking points:

  • Reasons to diversify or re-locate business operations
  • Advantages of Vietnam’s, Indonesia’s, and Bangladesh’s investment landscape
  • A look at the garment industry in each country
  • A look at the IT industry in each country

Who should attend?

  • C-suites of companies that are already operating in Asia, particularly China, who are facing higher wage pressure and more trade risks
  • C-suites of companies whom are new to the region, but wish to set up operations in Asia
  • Those who are uncertain where to set up operations in Asia



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