Seizing Opportunities in China's Healthcare Industry: A Guide for Foreign Investors

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With the rising demand for high-quality healthcare and services in the country, China's healthcare industry has been rapidly expanding in recent years. This is fueling opportunities across care services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, digital and internet healthcare, and more. As a result, many investors are looking to capitalize on this trend by getting involved in the industry.

With opportunities come challenges - in this webinar, International Business Advisory Manager Ines Liu provides an overview of the current state of China’s healthcare industry and lead an in-depth look at the various investment opportunities that are available. We also discussed the pain points that investors may encounter and provide advice for navigating these challenges. Topics that will be covered include: 

  • Overview: recent indicators of the healthcare industry and core growth drivers
  • Trends and opportunities in China’s healthcare industry
  • Key considerations when entering China’s healthcare market.

This Event occurred on Monday, November 30, -0001. If you were unable to attend it, you can still benefit from these resources that will help you review or discover more:

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