On September 27th, Filippo Bortoletti, Manager of International Business Advisory services at Dezan Shira & Associates, will provide an engaging overview of Vietnam’s media and entertainment industry at a webinar organized by Pact UK.

Vietnam is considered one of the most appealing media and entertainment markets and is the world’s fastest growing market for entertainment-based mobile apps - with revenues in the digital media market projected to reach US$ 321 million in 2020.

In general, Vietnam is saturated with lively entertainment media and well-produced television. However, media and broadcasting activities are restricted sectors as Vietnam’s Government controls all the local media.

During the webinar, Filippo Bortoletti, Manager of International Business Advisory services in Vietnam, will provide a brief overview of the current media and entertainment industry landscape and local legal framework, highlighting opportunities available for foreign direct investment and the most common entry strategies used by foreign players to tap into the local market.

Our UK and Ireland Desk provides support to British and Irish businesses and helping them to successfully expand their operations in Asia. While monitoring, analyzing, and keeping track of UK and Irish policies for international trade and investments as well as the continued development of closer economic ties between UK, Ireland, and Asia, we provide expert advice to companies on what this means practically.

For more information about registration and agenda, please contact Uk.Ireland@dezshira.com.

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Event Info

Sep 27, 2020

Location & Time

27th of September 2020 | 11am in UK and 5 pm in Vietnam