GM Roundtable: Legal Risks and Crisis Management for Foreign Invested Companies in China

Nanjing, China l October 30, 2018

Vivian Mao, Reginal Director, will be attending the GM Roundtable: Legal Risks and Crisis Management for Foreign Invested Companies in China to share her knowledge on the subject and discuss with and answer questions from attendees. 

With the increasingly complex market environment and the rapid expansion of enterprise scale, various risk incentives appear. Effective crisis prevention, proper crisis management and successful crisis resolution have become the important strategic for enterprises.  Faced with the risk that may appear at any time, if it is not properly prevented or handled, it will lead to loss of corporate interests, damaged reputation, and development setbacks. The effective and sustainable development of enterprises must be based on the safe development. Otherwise, everything will be impossible.



1.Crisis management current situation of foreign invested companies 

2.Case sharing 

3.Common problems 

4.Main types of legal risks 

4.1       Operation safety

4.2       Product Quality

4.3       Commercial bribery

4.4       Environmental protection 

5. Crisis management methods 

5.1 Respond to judicial authorities

5.2 Respond to administrative authorities

5.3 Respond to victims

5.4 Respond to media 

6. Risk Prevention 

6.1 Compliance system optimization

6.2 Corporate governance organization design 



14:00-14:30 Registration

14:30-15:10 Presentation from Ms. Vivian Mao

15:10-15:20 Tea break

15:20-16:00 Tresentation from Mr. Frank Wang

16:00-16:30 Q & A

16:30 End of this event 


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Event Info

Oct 30, 2018

Location & Time

Nanjing, China l October 30, 2018


InterContinental Hotel, 7th Floor No. 1 Zhongyang Road, Gulou District