Senior Accounting & Tax Manager

Location: China, Shanghai
Function: Corporate Accounting Services
Role: Manager

Full time

职位概要: Job Summary


This role involved managing a team of 36 accountants which are providing services to clients across Shanghai and the surrounding cities. Clients are typically foreign invested enterprises operating in China which outsource all or part of their accounting / tax management functions to Dezan Shira & Associates.

该职位将管理会计团队(由36名会计组成),为上海及周边地区的客户提供服务。客户主要为在中国经营的外资企业,将其全部或部分的会计、税务管理的业务外包给Dezan Shira & Associates。


This person taking this role will require a strong understanding of accounting and tax according to China GAAP and will need good communication skills in both Chinese and English. Further, the candidate will need to have a strong interest in and familiarity with the opportunities presented by IT within the accounting field. They will need to coordinate closely with their own team members as well as Dezan Shira’s IT and IS teams to identify and implement solutions for existing and potential clients where our legacy services do not adequately meet their requirements.



Principal Responsibilities: (Essential Functions) 主要职责:(基本功能)


  • Supervise a team to prepare PRC accounting books and reports for the clients from overseas in accordance with PRC regulations and ensure all accounting treatment in compliance with PRC laws;
  • 按照中国会计准则,指导负责的团队准备外资企业的账务和报告,并确保所有的会计处理符合中国的法律;

  • Maintain and securely store the accounting vouchers, accounts and other documents of the clients;
  • 妥善保管客户会计凭证、帐簿、报表等档案资料;

  • Assist customers to improve internal capital / fund management, and provide proper consultancy related to financial management of the clients;
  • 协助客户完善内部资金管理, 正确解答客户相关财务管理咨询;

  • Regularly analyze and check accounting data, identifying and settling problems in a timely and accurate manner;
  • 定期分析检查会计数据, 发现并及时准确地解决问题;

  • Manage meetings with potential international clients and present services independently and in conjunction with the team members;
  • 参加与潜在的国际客户的会议并对所提供的服务进行介绍

  • Organize technical trainings to the team members;
  • 为团队成员组织技能培训;

  • Be sensitive to the market change and clients’ new needs, continuously update the team’s knowledge, improve the work efficiency, reasonably utilize internal resources and properly adjust service structure.
  • 对市场的变化和客户的新需求有敏感度,不断更新团队的知识,提高团队工作效率,合理调动内部资源,适时调整服务结构

  • Travel when necessary to offices located in Suzhou and Ningbo;
  • 在工作需要时,至苏州和宁波办公室出差;

  • Provide services and advisory relating to taxation;
  • 提供与税务及咨询相关的服务;

  • Organize the timely preparation and submission of tax returns on behalf of clients such as Individual Income Tax, Business Tax, Value Added Tax, Corporate Income Tax, etc.;
  • 按时为客户进行税务申报的工作,如个人所得税,营业税,增值税,企业所得税等;

  • Be responsible for communication with various government authorities and other related companies, including the tax authority, public finance office, banks and CPA firms etc.;
  • 负责与政府各部门及相关客户之间的沟通,包括税务部门,公安局,银行及会计事务所等;

  • Participate in accounting and taxation services relating to ad-hoc projects for clients;
  • 参与为客户提供的财务及税务方面的临时性服务项目;

  • Drive business development and presentation activities for implementation of new company business lines and services related to accounting work utilizing sophisticated ERP systems;
  • 推动业务发展及相应的演讲活动,为实施新公司的业务和服务,利用ERP系统提供会计服务

  • Chase up clients for outstanding receivables in an efficient manner;
  • 与客户及时跟进应收帐款的回笼;

  • Other tasks assigned by the Company;
  • 公司安排的其他工作;

  • Delivery of presentations on selected topics both internally and externally;
  • 与内部/外部各方展开演讲会并讨论相关话题;

  • Prepare presentations and write articles on tax and accounting topics.
  • 就财务和税务内容准备演讲及撰写文章

  • Represent the firm at international conferences;
  • 代表公司出席国际会议;


Job Requirements 工作要求




  • Excellent oral and written communication ability in Mandarin and English; 
  • 出色的普通话和英文的口头和书面沟通能力;
  • Good customer service attitude and skills; 
  • 优秀的客户服务技巧和态度;
  • Excellent understanding of Chinese GAAP, IFRS, China tax law; 
  • 精通中国会计准则,国际会计准则和中国税法;
  • Provide reliable information relating to accounting & tax compliance and reporting package upon clients’ request; 
  • 为客户提供可靠的会计、税务及相关报告;
  • Be flexible enough to adapt to working under tight deadlines; 
  • 能够灵活地完成具有时限要求的工作;
  • Reliable and accurate; with effective problem-solving skills and ability to work as a good team player; 
  • 诚实可靠、工作细致,注重团队合作精神,能够有效的解决问题;
  • Experience with Kingdee and other ERP Software, with good knowledge of Microsoft Office and Sharepoint.
  • 熟悉操作金蝶系统、相关ERP系统及微软办公软件。


Educational Background 教育背景


  • Bachelor / above degree, major in accounting or taxation; 
  • 会计或税务专业,学士或学士以上学位;
  • Possession of CPA or ACCA qualifications a plus. 
  • 拥有中国注册会计师职称或ACCA者优先。

Experience 经验


  • 10 years or above full-time related working experiences in Wholly Owned Foreign Invested Enterprises or similar role experience will be a plus; 
  • 10年以上全职外商投资企业工作经验或会计外包相关经验者优先;
  • Experience of working in a manufacturing or trading environment and experience dealing with VAT refund is a plus; 
  • 制造或贸易企业及出口退税经验优先;

Working Relations 工作关系


  • Maintain good relations across departments and office locations to resolve client problems; 
  • 维持跨部门和各地团队的关系,以解决客户的问题;
  • Effectively communicate with both internal and external clients.
  • 有效沟通与内部和外部客户的关系。

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