Accounting Associate

Location: China, Beijing
Function: Corporate Accounting Services
Role: Associate

Full time

职位概要 Job Summary

主要职责 (基本功能)Principal Responsibilities: (Essential Functions)

  • 能够及时、准确且高效的为多家客户(外资企业/办事处)独立准备英文的账务凭证,分类账簿及财务报表 Independently prepare accounting vouchers, ledgers and financial statements in English timely, accurately & efficiently for multiple clients (Wholly Owned Foreign Invested Enterprises/Representative Office);
  • 及时为客户准备并呈递相关税务报表,包括个人所得税,营业税,增值税等;
    Prepare and submit tax return in time on behalf of the clients such as IIT, BT, VAT, CIT, etc.
  • 基于客户的需求,准备相关的财务及税务等财务报表;
    Provide reliable information of the accounting & tax compliance and reporting package upon Clients’ request;
  • 对于临时性的客户咨询和报告进行沟通;
    Communicate with clients to deliver ad-hoc advisory and reporting;
  • 准备客户的员工报销及供应商的付款,监控现金流并为公司的资金提供预算;
    Prepare payments for employees’ reimbursement and venders; monitor cash flow and provide projections for group funding;
  • 提供临时性的财务/会计/税务协助;
    Provide financial / accounting / tax assistance in ad-hoc projects;
  • 向公司会计服务部高级顾问汇报。
    Report to senior associate of corporate accounting services.

工作要求 Job Requirements


  • 具有丰富的处理制造业或者贸易类公司账务经验;
    Have rich experiences in dealing with manufacturing and trading accounts;
  • 熟悉国内一般会计准则,国际会计准则及国内税法;
    Excellent in Chinese GAAP, IFRS, China tax law;
  • 熟悉金蝶软件的操作,能够熟练使用办公软件;
    Experience in Kingdee Software, knowledgeable in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint;
  • 良好的中英文沟通能力及团队合作精神;
    Outstanding communication skill in English and Mandarin is highly required, being a good team worker;

教育背景 Educational Background

  • 会计、财务或税务等相关专业,学士或学士以上学位
    Bachelor degree or above in finance, accounting, tax or other related fields;

经验 Experience

  • 有1-2年外资企业工作背景或外包会计做账或类似经验者优先
    1-2 years full-time related working experiences in Wholly Owned Foreign Invested Enterprises or the accounting outsourcing team in the accounting/consulting firms, similar role experiences will be a plus..

工作关系Working Relations

  • 维持跨部门的关系,以解决客户的问题
    Maintain good relations across departments to resolve client problems
  • 有效沟通与内部和外部客户的关系
    Effectively communicate with both internal and external clients
  • 发展和沟通与主管的工作关系
    Develop communication and working relationship with Supervisor

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