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Asia - North Asia & China: Korea

Korean cancer treatment company seeks investment

The Korean cancer treatment company has a bioelectronic nose sensor which can detect cancer earlier than other sensors or instruments on the market. The examinee only needs to exhale on the inspection machine for about 1 minute to complete the inspection, and there is no discomfort during the inspection process. At present, the company has cooperated with Seoul National University Cancer Hospital, Renji Hospital, Korea Institute of science and Technology (KIST), etc. The company seeks investment now.
Asia - North Asia & China: Korea

Korean digital economy media company seeks USD 8.4 million investment.

The Korean company is a digital economy media enterprise established in 2018, providing real-time market information, news, and analysis of virtual assets, through various types of interviews. The company uses the information to help customers analyze and get solutions. Now, the company seeks USD 8.4 million for equity financing.
Asia - North Asia & China: Korea

Korean AI medical diagnosis firm seeks USD 2.5 million investment

The Korean AI medical company's products include a cervical cancer diagnosis AI system, an early AI diagnosis for stroke risk, a stroke risk prediction AI system based ob carotid ultrasound images, and a cerebral aneurysm rupture risk prediction AI system based on cerebral angiography images. The company has developed a international system with various languages to ensure that all medical personnel around the world can use its AI diagnosis solutions. Its partners include Swedish medical device manufacturer Gynius plus AB and Canadian health care company Variational AI. The company seeks USD 2.5 million for equity financing.
Asia - North Asia & China: Korea

Korea condiment company seeks USD 10 million investment

The Korean condiment company has successfully extracted salt from Salicornia, a halophyte flowering plant containing a large amount of salt, and developed the world's first plant based salt with 100% purity. A natural low-sodium salt, which can reduce sodium intake by 20% and have a significant effect on hypertension. The company also desalinated Salicornia and developed a new food that can effectively reduce body fat. In addition, the company developed healthy functional food materials and tea drinks that can effectively improve memory and cognitive ability by using Salicornia. It has 35 patents for Salicornia-based products. The company's round B equity financing seeks USD 10 million.
Asia - North Asia & China: China

Rubber Spare Parts Supplier from China – Seeking Majority Investor for Expansion in East Asia

The company is looking for a strategic partnership to expands its global reach and increase its market share in East-Asia. Based in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, the company is equipped with 10 vulcanization machines and operates on a total area of 13,800 square meters, rented from the government until 2060. Current markets are China and other East-Asian countries with ten to twenty percent of production being allocated to OEM business. The company is open to sell its majority shares.
Asia - North Asia & China: Japan

Luxury hotels in Kyoto are seeking buyers

With approx 1.4m USD profit in FY 2019, the owner is looking for buyers for multiple small luxury hotels in popular areas of Kyoto.

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