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Dezan Shira & Associates and Hong Kong: A HKD $6 Billion Partnership to China Investment Success

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Dezan Shira & Associates HK 25 anniversaryThis year, our firm Dezan Shira & Associates turns 25 years old in Asia. We are an independent, professional services firm, and one of the primary brands in this field in the region. We provide foreign investors throughout the world with advisory services concerning their investments into Asia, including pre-investment due diligence and financial planning, legal establishment, IP protection, as well as financial management such as accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, HR administration, and treasury. We also provide audit support and compliance services, in addition to posting Hong Kong-bound, China-generated profit repatriation. 


Beginning life in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China in 1992, we have grown over the past quarter century to have over 20 offices and several hundred staff across China, ASEAN, and India in all major cities throughout the region. Of the total foreign investment we have facilitated over the years into China, a significant and valuable proportion – some HKD$6 billion (US$770 million) – has been from Hong Kong businesses, making Dezan Shira & Associates a long term, proven, and trusted conduit for Hong Kong investment. Much of this Hong Kong investment was then subsequently re-invested throughout mainland China, with Hong Kong used as a local financial and management operations office.

Dezan Shira & Associates 25 anniversary with HK

Our Hong Kong ClientsDezan Shira & Associates Jennifer Lu

Typical Dezan Shira & Associates clients are smaller listed companies, subsidiaries of listed companies, and small- to medium-sized privately owned companies. Many of which are world class and well-known brands, while others are more modest, producing innovative solutions. The vast majority have found considerable success in Asia, adding value to their shareholders, generating additional employment opportunities in both Asia and Hong Kong, providing increased taxable profits for the Hong Kong government once Asia-generated profits have been consolidated into Hong Kong head office balance sheets.


Dezan Shira & Associates’ Interaction with Hong Kong Business in Asia

We are members of numerous Hong Kong-focused organizations throughout Asia and have long lasting relationships with other Hong Kong institutional entities operating in the region. These include a variety of Chamber of Commerce’s in Hong Kong, who we have cooperated with over the years to support foreign investment all over China, as well as Hong Kong investment agencies such as the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council and InvestHK.


Hong Kong Expertise in AsiaDezan Shira & Associates Managing Partner

We monitor, analyze and keep track of the many Hong Kong trade and investment policies provided by the Hong Kong Government to assist local businesses succeed in selling products and services in Asia. Understanding the details of double tax treaties and applicable grants and incentives such as the Hong Kong-China “Closer Economic Partnership Agreement”, which provides incentives for qualifying Hong Kong businesses to invest in China, and others on offer in Hong Kong and Asia can give your business a competitive edge in Asian business. Our joint Hong Kong and Asian intelligence can help you succeed – and keep Hong Kong businesses ahead of the game.


Dezan Shira & Associates Educational and Business Briefings

Our firm writes, produces, and publishes Asia Briefing, including its well-known China, ASEAN, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Russia Briefing titles, and its new Silk Road Briefing title. The China Briefing website alone is in the top one percent of most visited websites, according to Alexa. These titles have long provided educational support to students in Hong Kong studying for international business masters, as well as providing a “how to” template for thousands of Hong Kong businesspeople in Asia. This commitment to providing a free, educational intelligence service has cemented our reputation as one of the most knowledgeable practices in Asia, in addition to helping launch the Asia-focused careers of many Hong Kong graduates into Asian businesses.


Dezan Shira & Associates 25 anniversary with Hongkong BrochureDezan Shira & Hong Kong (Complimentary Brochure)

To learn how Dezan Shira & Associates can assist your business in Hong Kong, China and Asia, please visit our website service page or email us at For further business assistance in Asia, please send your request here.

Further, to learn more about doing business in Asia, please refer to our Knowledge Sharing Platform.

For access to our Dezan Shira 2017 Guide to China as well as other resources on doing business in Asia, please visit the Asia Briefing Publications Store.

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