System Management

Having your own IT infrastructure in place is just the first step to make sure your business succeeds. However, daily and long term system management is crucial to keep systems running well for supporting your day-to-day business operation. The Dezan Shira & Associates' System Management Service will help free our clients from daily, comprehensive system administration work, and instead rely on Dezan Shira & Associates’ proactive administration work.

  • System monitoring & alert - With an advanced system and network monitoring tool which can be deployed in the client’s IT infrastructure or in Dezan Shira & Associates’ own IT infrastructure, Dezan Shira & Associates IT team is able to monitor the system and network status 24/7 and automatically send alerts when the system or network is having issues or meets the predefined threshold for alerting.
  • IT asset administration - More and more companies today face the challenge of how to have a one single clear and updated list of the purchased IT assets (both hardware and software). Dezan Shira & Associates uses efficient tools to monitor and maintain client’s existing IT assets, and produce periodic reports.

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