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As a pan-Asia, multi-disciplinary professional services firm, Dezan Shira & Associates can hold its clients’ hands through the entire process of Asia familiarization, business planning, and corporate establishment. Consulting & professional service in IT field is one important ring of our service chain.

  • System design, optimization and troubleshooting - Dezan Shira & Associates is capable of providing system design in both the software (application system) and hardware side (infrastructure). Troubleshooting problems of the existing system and providing optimization solution are some other areas in which Dezan Shira & Associates often helps its clients.
  • IT Audit & Network security - Dezan Shira & Associates has a professional team of experts with vast experience in information security and information system audit, holding the top certificate of the industry like CISA and CISSP.
  • Project management & coordinator - In some cases Dezan Shira & Associates manages the project with delegation of clients while in other occasions Dezan Shira & Associates plays the important role of coordinator between the client’s overseas HQ and remote offices in local market. Our understanding of local business environment, rich experience of project management (team of PMP certificate holders) and language advantage are important factors that guarantee the success of client’s global project.
  • Domain registration service - Having the connection with a popular registrar, Dezan Shira & Associates often helps foreign-invested companies entering into emerging markets like China, India, Vietnam and other Asian countries to secure their domain names in order to protect their business and brand. Our professional team is familiar with the process of China domain (.cn or registration and ICP filing/license - a task which without help has proven to be difficult for most foreign companies doing business in China.
  • Hardware procurement - Dezan Shira & Associates can provide attractive and reliable hardware procurement by creating partnerships with popular and dominant IT suppliers in the local market.
  • Software licensing - Besides general software license purchasing, an important service which Dezan Shira & Associates can provide is to help our clients to understand the complex license schemes and rules from different software vendors, and select the most suitable option to meet the client’s business requirements and comply with the local laws and regulations.
  • Internal IT process, policy & procedure - Dezan Shira & Associates fully understands the importance of a clear and comprehensible internal IT process with correct and updated policies and procedures. Based on its own excellent IT process optimization, Dezan Shira & Associates can help clients to review existing internal IT processes and develop appropriate policies and procedures.

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