The Importance of Singapore for American Companies


  • Title: The Importance of Singapore for American Companies
  • Date: October 9th, 2013

Dezan Shira & Associates Founder, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, provides insight into the opportunities for American companies in Singapore. Mr. Devonshire-Ellis discusses the current business environment, free trade agreements (current and future), and the American community in the country.


  • 1. Why is Singapore important for American companies?
    • Financial and services hub of South-East Asia, member of ASEAN.

    2. What FTA does ASEAN have?
    • Free trade agreement with China.
    • Regional comprehensive economic partnership negotiations coming to an end.

    3. How do American companies qualify to take advantage of ASEAN?
    • Setting up a company in ASEAN
    • Setting up a Singaporean subsidiary. Cost, services, etc.

    4. What would be the advantages of choosing Singapore over Hong Kong?
    • Singapore is a member of ASEAN and Honk Kong is not.
    • Hong Kong is a financial and services hub for Mainland China and Financial and services hub of South-East Asia.

    5. What is the extent of the American community in Singapore?
    • Very sizeable diplomatic mission.
    • American Department of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce and American club are very vibrant and active institutions in Singapore.


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