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Ivy Gu Shares Insights on Supply Chain Financial Management for Chinese Entities in Cooperation with DUSA Suzhou

On Tuesday, June 18, Ivy Gu, Senior Manager of Audit and Corporate Accounting Services, delivered a presentation to a distinguished audience of supply chain and financial professionals. She discussed strategies for optimizing supply chain financial management to enhance core competitiveness and reduce costs. This seminar was organized in partnership with DUSA Suzhou.

Multinational companies with factories in China are continually seeking ways to streamline operations and reduce manufacturing costs in response to the evolving global economy and domestic demands. While some companies may consider significant strategic changes, the immediate focus is often on cost reduction and risk mitigation through efficient financial management within the existing supply chain.

The seminar covered key topics, such as the primary objectives of supply chain financial management, potential financial risks, and effective management practices. Ivy explored various areas requiring review to maintain a resilient supply chain, including financial health checks, price benchmark investigations, cost analyses, risk assessments, and compliance reviews.

Following the seminar, Ivy remarked, “I am grateful for the opportunity to discuss cost-control strategies in supply chain management from a financial perspective with such an esteemed audience. We sincerely thank DUSA for co-organizing this meaningful seminar. Together, we are learning from the evolving business landscape, and I hope Dezan Shira & Associates’ expertise can support multinational companies navigating the challenging business environment.”

Looking ahead, Dezan Shira & Associates anticipates further collaborations with organizations like DUSA Suzhou and other industry leaders. These partnerships will ensure our clients are well-equipped to enhance their operations for sustained success in the global marketplace.

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