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Dezan Shira & Associates Present at the International Trade Forum 2024 held in Zürich, Switzerland

ZÜRICH – On April 23rd Riccardo Benussi attended the International Trade Forum 2024 organized by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) held at the Kongresshaus Zürich.

The theme of this year’s edition centered on “Sustainability as a Driver for Growth: Transitioning from Trend to Competitive Advantage in International Business”. The agenda focused on dissecting and exploring the crucial role sustainability plays in shaping the trajectory of businesses, evolving from an emerging trend to a competitive edge.

The S-GE’s  annual International Trade Forum is a multilingual assembly, with information and sessions conducted in German, French, and English, attracting over 400 exporting companies from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, along with representatives from politics and public administration organizations.

At this year’s International Trade Forum and aligned with the overarching mission of Switzerland Global Enterprise, Riccardo noted: “Made-in-Switzerland is well-known abroad under the usual names, often associated with gastronomic delicacies and precision products, as well as products with very low ecological impact. As is often the case, European economies have an extremely specialized product and service sector, so it is not uncommon to find heavy machinery or MEM, CleanTech, or MedTech products in the supply chains between Switzerland and Asia.”

Elaborating further, Riccardo said: “But not enough is said about this, and more companies should dare to tackle Asian expansion. That’s also why I was at this event: to nurture our partnership with Switzerland Global Enterprise and further support small and medium-sized Swiss companies in their expansion to Asia from India to Mongolia to Indonesia. I was delighted to be here and feel the enthusiasm for Swiss exports.”

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