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Ines Liu Recognized as Finalist in Major Corporate Achievement Award at Australia China Alumni Awards 2023

Ines Liu, Senior Manager of International Business Advisory and Head of Dezan Shira & Associates Australian Desk, was nominated for the Major Corporate Achievement Award at the Annual Australia China Alumni Awards hosted by the Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) on November 17th, 2023. 

The Australia China Alumni Awards, organized by the Australia China Alumni Association, recognize outstanding achievements of Australian-educated alumni in China, with the Major Corporate Achievement category specifically honoring excellence in a corporate environment, emphasizing leadership, field expertise, and commitment to corporate social responsibility.  

As an esteemed alumna of Macquarie University, Ines Liu has been leading the Australian desk at Dezan Shira & Associates since 2019, showcasing exceptional leadership and dedication to building partnerships and collaborations between Australia and China businesses.  

This nomination not only acknowledges Ines’s individual accomplishments but also underscores her dedication and expertise within Dezan Shira & Associates. Under Ines’s guidance, our Australian Desk takes pride in actively contributing to the enhancement of business collaboration between the two dynamic markets of Australia and China. 

I’m grateful for the nomination. My transformative study in Australia and further opportunities I got at Dezan Shira & Associates allow me to give back to my alma mater and contribute to the community. As alumni, we appreciate the chance to work with Australia, actively engaging in work that serves the business community in Australia and China. This nomination isn’t just personal; it’s a motivation for us at the Australian Desk to strive towards making greater contributions to future collaborations and giving back to the community in the long run,” said Ines Liu. 

About the Australian Desk of Dezan Shira & Associates 

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