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Dezan Shira & Associates’ Managing Director India Visits Europe

Dezan Shira & Associates’ India Managing Director Rohit Kapur is visiting Europe from June 2nd to June 23rd

Attractions in Europe

Our Managing Director for India, Rohit Kapur, will embark on a business tour across Europe in June. Rohit will actively engage with strategic partners across the region, connect with valued clients, and share his expertise as a speaker at prominent events, including the AsiaBerlin Summit (ABS) in Berlin, Germany from June 12th – 15th. 

Rohit Kapur’s itinerary includes several key destinations: 

  • Milan: June 2nd – June 6th 
  • Munich: June 7th – June 9th 
  • Vienna: June 19th – June 21st 
  • Geneva: June 22nd – June 23rd 

Doing Business in India 2023 for European Companies

His visit will align with the release of our guide “Doing Business in India 2023 for European Companies”, a publication aimed at empowering businesses in the region to make well-informed investment decisions within the dynamic Indian market. 

If you would like to connect with Rohit during his trip and discuss investing in India, please contact him via e-mail at:  

European Union Trade with South / Southeast Asia

The European Union (EU) trade with South / Southeast Asia has continued to grow in recent years. The EU is the third largest trading partner of the most populous country in South Asia, India. In 2021, EU imports of goods from India totalled 46.2 billion EUR, a sharp increase from a dip in 2020 of 33 billion EUR. This upward trajectory demonstrates the strengthening economic ties and the mutual benefits derived from the trade relationship between the EU and India. 

Against this background, India and the EU restarted Free Trade Agreement negotiations last June, with the fourth round of talks having concluded in Brussels this March. The fifth round of talks is due to take place in New Delhi from June 19-23. 

Dezan Shira & Associates’ Presence in Europe

Europe has significant trade and investment dealings with Asia – ASEAN and India are both among the bloc’s top trade partners outside the EU. With parts of Asia rapidly developing and the EU pursuing trade agreements with Asian counterparts, there is a wealth of opportunities for European investors in the region. 

Incorporated in Munich in January of 2021, Dezan Shira & Associates’ European officeserves as a first point of contact for European companies wishing to do business in Asia. The team here works with a variety of partners to educate more businesses on the economic performance and regulatory environment of developing Asian economies. 


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